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One Paw In Front of the Other

12 October 1979
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  • manawolf@livejournal.com
I used to draw furry; I used to write essays. Furry is still a part of who I am, but it's not the focus of my life anymore. If you're looking for the chick who wrote That Essay on zoophilia or that long-winded rebuttal to Burned Fur, that's me - a little older and more laid-back, now.

I am Manawolf nearly (but not absolutely) everywhere on the Internet; the notable exception is Deviantart where I am Mana-the-eaglewolf. My website was http://www.manawolf.org but I need to get off my ass and host it properly.

If you're looking for my essays they are probably on archive.org somewhere. I do not mind if they are redistributed.

A native Los Angelean of the '80s, raised by a three-parent poly family, I was a con brat before there were con brats! So I got a head start on being a dork...

radditz, socal_gardens and vcl_kink are mine, but they're gathering cobwebs. I was a moderator at ms_elegante before it ended, where I played psychoticracer, fetchthestick, autodiagnose and allmyturtles. not_a_rock and shinies4u are mine too, for what it's worth.