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Kittens +  Grenade

FF stereotype

You are the pretty girl!
You are the Pretty Girl! You are usually a white
mage or healer of some sort and have low
physical attacks; in other words, you are weak
and need lots of protection. You'll probably
need saving AT LEAST once or twice during the
game, which will get pretty annoying. But hey,
you're gorgeous and in love with the Hero, so
you're also nice, kind, considerate, and
emotional. You usually help your friends sort
out their emotional issues, when you aren't
tangled up in your own. Still, you're a good
healer, can do strong magic, and are helping to
save the world; that's what really counts!

What Final Fantasy stereotype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

..... Not entirely sure what to make of that.


*grins* thats Rinoa from FF8, my most favourite FF game in the universe...>> though i did also make her one of my most powerful fighters.. so that little blurb under her pic can go to hell. If it bothers you that it said she was weak, well she happened to be the leader of the resistance force in that game... she was not weak.. *glares at author odf quiz*

yes i know that was a completely useless bit of ramble there...
Hey, did you get that one off of my LJ?

I got it off of Casey's...(altermeta.)

Never actually played any of the FF series games, so I have no clue about any of it.....
(I prefer Armored Core.)

Holding up okay?

I'll try to come by to visit if its okay when I have some money for gas.
I want to see BOTH you and Chythar, you know.

Not taking sides.
I love you both too much for that.


Sure did!

I'd like to do some sort of furwarming party once I get settled in... if so, you'll be invited. And if I need help with moving, I'll let you know, although all the really heavy stuff belongs to Chy, like the TV etc. So if I don't, no worries. :)