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Kittens +  Grenade

More auctions.


(Yes, the second was the one I already mentioned, I just wanted to put the picture up.)



I love the spotty cat. Of course though, I'm partial to spotty cats of all kinds.

Your saurian is adorable too (love her face!), but is her left foot (the far one from us) on backwards? The big toe is on the outside, not the inside. Erase and fix?

One day when I'm rich, I'll have to commission you.

Re: Ooo!

*chuckles* Yes it is - a flaw of mine and many others - but it's already up for bid, so I'm leery of making changes to it...

I'm sure an art trade could be arranged. ;)

Re: Ooo!

A trade would be cool...but I think you've already drawn me so much! I need to get YOU some art. I have so many ideas, but have been behind on commissions so I haven't had time to do the art I want to do. ::sighs::

And no, you do NOT have "many flaws" like you hinted at. You're really good! ::hugs you:::