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Kittens +  Grenade

Toy Lust

Mmmmm. I want Autumn Skye, Moondancer, Rainbow Dash and Razzaroo. And Meadowbrook, but she's not available in the US yet... *whines* Minty's kinda cute, she reminds me of Fizzy, but she doesn't have the unicorn thing goin for her...


Noooo you're awaking my repressed child that collected My Little Ponies and Fashion Star Fillies like they were gold! ::cries::

Those things are so cute. . .I like Sunny Daze. . .

Must resist urge. . .will not blow college money on toys. . .
Trés trés bizarre... They still -make- those? Wow. I had -no- idea. I thought they went out with Trolls.

Hmm... but what about WUZZLES!!! No-one -ever- remembers Wuzzles! Waaah!

Bumblelion, you're my hero!
I remember the Wuzzles! Go Butterbear!

They haven't made MLPs for years, actually. There was a minor revival in 1997, but they used really bad molds which promped a huge backlash in the collector's community. It looks as if, wonders of wonders, Mattel got the hint and is reverting to models which are truer to the originals.

Early Originals
Late-Era Originals, which presumably inspired the 1997 line
'97-'99 Re-Release - AUGH THE HORROR
Newest 2003 Models - 'nuff said!
I thought they were continuing to make them in that horrible...shiny...pretty design they had going... >.O but I guess I've just been out of it ^_^;;

mmm.... My Little Ponies... they carry SUCH memories ^_^

IMHO, the old-school ones are pretty cute, the two middle-era ones are phreakish horrific (egad!), and the new ones are just plain gokukawaii~ ne? =^_^= Gokuchibi, hai!
Oh, and your WAR PONY is just darn seskay, yet entirely cute!