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Kittens +  Grenade


Commission whore time! Do me, do me now! *snrk*

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what warning label are you?



I'll have to see if we have any extra in the budget...if we do...I'm in!
::whines pathetically because she wishes she had the funds to commission the Manawolf::

Ah well. . .someday. ;)
*cries* I so want a commisioned picture of a couple of charates of mine but I have no money and I can't talk Brian into drawing pictures for me .... I just got a job so now I have to save for a house...... maybe after I buy a house I can but till then I am moneyless
OKay, not that's got to be the most interesting description of what an artist will do for a commission I've ever seen. Hey, what ever happened to that other guy that used to do that art of some cartoon characters? ;)
Mana Wolf, you are a delight. Out of all the females, I think you were number one on my "She's OK...for a girl."

Who was second, you might ask? Kitty! Or as I like to call her...ANTIMANA!

Megan Giles was third. I still have no idea who she is, but she's nice!
Aww, gee. That's a bit over my head in terms of money.

I encourage you to try commissions normally again, though. Your artistic quality is amazing. Obviously since I can't draw, I've been trying to find good artists to draw my scalie persona and other things. Maybe some time in the future, huh?