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Kittens +  Grenade

Noooo my brain


Just...... just go see. It's an ad for Kikkoman soy sauce. Your brain will explode and drain out through your nose.


*falls over, foam burbling out of mouth* Brain...gone....owie....

That is....Scary....^_^
*twitch* *gets a plug for nose*

*falls over deadishly*



I'd seen that before, and it is a bit... Silly, to say the least.

The jingle is kinda catchy, though... In an annoying sort of way. ^^;
Thanks to the wonders of Something Awful, stuff like this spreads faster than peanut butter. And yes, it hurt my brain the first time I saw it, too...
Heehee, my friend li_kao showed me that six months ago. I keep wondering who all the different condiments are, and why the cat is hanging himself.

I now know why our refillable bottle says "REFILL ONLY WITH KIKKOMAN!" on the side. Because THE Kikkoman will fly over and destroy your house if you use something else.
Other than the fact that I am now deeply scarred by my fear of what might be under that flapping loin-cloth, it seemed pretty normal to me...

Perhaps that's why the cat killed himself, though!



that was .................eghhhhh..*shivers*

*claws at face*