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Kittens +  Grenade


WARNING: full frontal nudity.... yes.

Three piercings visible there.... Kitty wanted me to add the nipple ring. So I did.

::is promptly beaten to a bloody pulp by Radditz::

::loopy grin:: It was worth it.... ::passes out::


Vera Nice. *drools*
Disgruntled but delectable!

Doubt the piercings were fun, but at least some of his master's voices must have enjoyed doing them...

*ducks behind Turles*

Turles: O_O *twitch* *tail slowly lashes back and forth* *purrs softly*
Oooooooooh baby ...

I'm liking it...*nodnods*...particularly the fact that he's not 'cut'...*snerks*...I do believe there was a discussion about this on SJS some time back...

=grins sheepishly= Actually, I was too lazy to draw it one way or the other. I went for an impressionistic deal. I'm a wuss. XD
ooooohhhhhh m'God.

*falls over and DIES from hottiness*
*grins-* Yes i did, i'm special... I still think you should have added the chain to it... Then again thats just me.. *runs out befor Radditz catches her as well for adding to his misery, but makes sure to have an orgasm in his hair before leaving.
=snickers= y'oughta be discovering that garlic-derived residue from the conditioner I used just for you in three.... two... one....

*screams painfully as she runs off to bath in the fresh blood of a virgin, preferably female*

stupid monkey.... that shit burns


I have been meaning to get a new bolster pillow and this one will go with my decor beautifully!


Very nice peice of ass, er art you got there, Manawolf. ^^;

*twitches at one of the piercings* You gave him a Prince Albert? Owie! *passes out from thinking of how badly that would hurt*



*shakes head* I am SUCH a sucker for pretty disgruntled slaves....heh. Really MUST make some time to check out DBX, now shouldn't I? *grins*

Nummy Mana, simply nummy.
Ooooo! Lovely picture, Manawolf!

*grins* Looks very ...realistic too! *laughs* Seen too many overly-endowed Saiyajins. The simple pieces of jewelery adds a very nice touch; very exotic.
*grins exitedly* See? SEE? And you said I was evil! How can I be evil when I make him look like THAT??? * grins like a lunatic* Aren't you all glad I claimed him now???