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Kittens +  Grenade

Site Newz!

Website has been redesigned! Gallery's fucked up, Manawolf page needs serious re-design, but index, Welcome & DBZ pages are fully operational & very pretty looking.

Manawolf.org will be working as soon as Namezero updates the URL forwarding -grumbles-


Very nice, especially the welcome page. You'll correct the glitches you mention as things go along.
Pretty pretty! Must update my links. . .! :D

Netoe! =)

Kewl =D... I've always liked your site ... and it just keeps getting better ... good job ! =)*hugs*
Well electrocute me and call me a toaster! *dies from shock* ;)

Seriously, though, 'Neesan, it looks GREAT! and KUDOS for the DBZ section -- now I don't have to go back through your entries to show it to people! ;) Yes, I'm selfish. So sue me! -=^_^=-