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Kittens +  Grenade

Nu Art

I think this is record-setting speed....

Radditz & Turles

Just in case MM.org decides to be a butt, here is the image:

MUST use this technique more often.

Cross-posted ta DBX, 'cause it is relevant. So there.


Drools. Color purty! :)

Lemme guess, color pencil?
Yeah! What technique DID you use? *tail twitches impatiently*

Beautiful as always, oneesan! Mmm...muscles...hair...tails...
First I laid down the color pencil, then I (very, very carefully) went over it with a colorless blender marker. Then added a little bit of white pencil for highlights & darkened up a few shadows.

Y'should see the original, the scan SUX by comparison.
Oooo....very, very nice! So glad you've decide to finish up the picture!! Mmmm...smooth muscles and tails and lots of hair...*drools*

Heh heh... isn't a one-piece bodysuit harder to get off? *leers, contemplating*
Hm, not if it has snaps in the right places.... ::grins::
Yummy! Your work is so utterly awesome, woman!

Any particular coloured pencils you prefer? Are they regular coloured pencils or are they watercolour ones?

I am still sticking to regular lead pencils right now, and not mechanical ones. I don't know, but when I use a pencil sharpener on them and the combination of wood and graphite scents are released it just screams to me 'drawing'.

Also, the leads of mechanical pencils always slip back into the body of the pencil when I use them. I guess I must press really hard sometimes...

I also use stumps to blend the soft leads and to draw with.
I have a 120 Prismacolor set. n_n I like mechanicals for graphite drawing, but for coloring I need the line variance of traditionally-sharpened woods.

The only time the lead slips back is when it's too short... for me that's a sign I need to take out the short stub & click in another lead.

I've used stumps once or twice... but the colorless blender intensifies the color so much it's awe-inspiring. I don't do finished graphites often these days, tho.