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Kittens +  Grenade

Sick? Oh noes!


The back of my throat is scratchy, and I am thirsty.

This typically heralds a cold.

Well, I was looking for an excuse to use up personal days off before March 31. If I come down with something I'll take advantage of that, but I'll have to put in for them tomorrow.

.... What are those things you're supposed to do/take when you're coming down with something? Zinc tablets?

Kinda hope I'm wrong. Haven't been sick this year - this winter for that matter - so I suppose my immune system needs a workout.



*nods* Zinc is good...

Vitamin C... take a few grams, or basically stop when you have mild diarrhea..hehehe... (it varies for different people) it irritates the gut at high levels, good way of knowing when to stop... I've usually take up to 6 grams before, though people can take past 10 grams safely.

Echinacea is good too...
I've been told that a product called Cold-Eze is supposed to help limit the duration and strength of symptoms. But one thing that's always a must is plenty of fluids. Just water will do, but some fruit juice won't hurt. And I should know, as I'm coming down with the same damned thing as I type...

Home Remidies ;)

C is good, so is E ... never heard of useing Zinc - but what do i know ;)

OH!! ... Broth (chicken better) LOTS of Broth :) (and any other liquid for that matter :)


That's it :)



PS - my e-mail has been flacky lately - did you reseve a letter from teddymasque@yahoo.com by any chance ??

Warding off a cold...

From what I read recently, yogurt keeps you from getting a cold or worse, but you have to eat it at least once a day for at least 6 months I think it said. I think the number of colds I've had has dwindled somewhat due to this, although I usually take Vitamin C (500mg), a multivitamin, plenty of fluids and try to eat right daily.