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Kittens +  Grenade

Finally finished DBX art




Nice 'n big so minimal detail is lost.

I just... love this pic... so much. Oh yeah, there are all the little mistakes I made, things only I will ever see or care about, but the emotion's all there. Radditz is such a big pussycat. He loves Vegeta so much it's pathetic. Vegeta could backhand him into the dirt and he'd lick his own blood off Vegeta's glove. One word of praise or pat on the head will keep him going for a month. I kind of use him as an outlet for all MY masochistic self-sacrificing abject-worship tendencies so I don't piss Chythar off with them... ^_^;

And Vegeta accepts it all like royalty - after all, he deserves it - and only abuses Radditz' devotion a little. Sometimes. Occasionally. I think deep down he does care, but he's not inclined to do anything but take Radditz for granted, like a good futon, even in his own mind. And Radditz knows this and loves Vegeta anyway, because it's part of who he is.

Aaashit I just noticed something else I screwed up on. I'd better stop looking at it before I find something else!

Artists are doomed to be their own worst critic. :P

I do like Radditz' hands and the outer part of Vegeta's cloak. The crosshatching on the inside was an insane undertaking, and I'm still not sure if I overdid it.

Must log off before I reveal more insecurities. ^_^;


Agh ... sdggsh ... sihh;lk ...

::stares wide eyed and loses the power of speech::

Holy shit, Mana, that's incredible -- I love the way Radditz's hair trails on the floor slightly, and his tail curling up under Vegeta's cape ...

Oh wow, that picture's gonna haunt my dreams. Just ... breathtaking. :D
Yeee! Was hoping you'd see that before you had to log off!
::really big grin::

Yeah, that made it aaaaall better. ::big dumb grin::
Wow...Mana, that is SO amazing. I'm just like...speachless. O_O!!
Absolutley Gorgeous!
Wow... very very sexy... I like how Vegeta's hand is somewhere between a stroke and a grip in his hair. Very intimate and at the same time dominating... XD~~~ My in perv-- *cough* I mean, fangirl, squeals with delight.
Very intimate and at the same time dominating

Yeee! Perfect! ^_^
So sessy! I love Radditz's crouching position, and Vegeta's hand meshed in his hair.
I just adore Radditz's tail peak out from under Vegeta's cape! That's my favorite detail of the whole piece though I couldn't explain why. XD Radditz's pose is great, too...I almost feel like he's on the verge of purring there.
He is. =D
Mmm, want pretty brush pen. I really like the way you depict the characters. Good stuff there!

I don't know why...

...but this brings to mind Ushio & Tora when I see it. Radditz just has the Tora on all fours, hair out to there behind everything pose, Vegeta has that Ushio I'm bad and confident and will win pose he always has when he's wielding his Spear.

It's still quite droolworthy though. =^.^=

Re: I don't know why...

Hm. I'm afraid I don't know the reference.
*jaw hits floor*


Allow me to worship at your feet, oh great furry one!

That's the most adorable Radditz... I love his expression, and you do his hair so wonderfully. I like how Vegeta is so absolutely certain of him that he has a possessive hand on him yet focuses the royal attention on other things.

Radditz' expression seems knowing, pleased, and confident -- "yes, I AM the sub here, and if you have any problem with it, you can keep it to yourself... unless you're criticizing my king, in which case I'm going to rip your spine out and choke you with it."

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it?

*laughs* MORE!!
Nope, you're not reading too much into it. That's pretty much perfect! =^_^=

::am so glad it comes through::
my GOD, the crosshatchingness! >.< Your poor paws, oneesan! >.< I like the effect, though ^_^;

I like how Vegeta's body is sooo chisled, like a warrior's, yet the cape makes him look like royalty. Those two ideas are so rarely mingled, it's refreshing to see them together in a guy who's not only _totally_ hot, but gay in the pic too. ^_^ *poingpoing* mmm...Vegeta...

What is Radditz wearing? I really like the way it falls on his chest. And I like his hands! *snicker* You know what they say about men with big hands....or was it feet? ^_~;

Actually it didn't bother my paws... I didn't do it all at one stretch. I'm glad it looks good tho, once it was started it couldn't be stopped.

Warrior royalty? With the Saiyajin, they're nothing but. :D

Radditz has on that black bodysuit that goes on under the armor. I made the neckline like Vegeta's sleeveless suit in later episodes, but quite obviously, this one has no legs. =D

Gay... gay... I so do not think of these guys as gay. They just... like each other. I so love working with non-human culture. Very liberating.
Warrior royalty? With the Saiyajin, they're nothing but. :D

Yes well...take pity on me, I've been reading human-based fantasy ;)

Gay... gay... I so do not think of these guys as gay. They just... like each other. I so love working with non-human culture. Very liberating.

Mmm I _so_ know! It's so natural... *purrrs, wishes life would be that simple -- that gender and orientation didn't matter* *longs after Laurel...again*
Wow, just so gorgeous! Radditz looks very feral, and I also like how although Vegeta's pretty obvious about the posessive hand in the hair, Radditz's tail is also very nearly round Vegeta's ankle. But not quite. Subtle.
Another yummy scrummy piece of two mighty fine pieces, Manawolf!

Wonderful expressions and those cape folds are incredible!