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Kittens +  Grenade


Labor day weekend (August 29st - Sept 1st) I'll be at MFM in Memphis Tennessee so if you want to visit me at con instead of coming all the way to the west coast, that's an option... 'Course I do work most furry cons so I can't say how much time we'd have to just hang.

Thought it might be useful info anyway. ^_^



Well, AWA's won the vote now, and that's not until the end of October, and I think a month long vacation's probably pushing it a bit ...

Thanks for the suggestion, though! Is it still okay to come bug you towards the end of September, though? And I fully expect to be able to glomp xero_sky too. ::smug grin::
No problem! I mainly wanted to make sure you didn't plan to be in Los Angeles during that weekend, 'cause I wouldn't be there. Heh.

Hmmm. Early birthday gift: visit from Otana. I can live with that. Yeeee!
Hahaha, that'd be so funny! XD

So, when is your birthday?
October 12!
Oooooh, a month early! :D

Group Glomp!



Welllll, it kind of depends on what part of California you're coming to. I'm in San Diego, which is almost as far south as you can get without being in Mexico. So if Mana's WAY up north, the group glomp (oo, sounds perverse) might not be possible.

Manawolf!!! Where art thou?

Re: Group Glomp!

Not too far away - Los Angeles.

Re: Group Glomp!

That's just a morning drive away! I was afraid you were up in Redding or Chico or something. *laughs*

Re: Group Glomp!

::chuckles:: Na. Wanna visit sometime?

Heh, and maybe sometime when my sister's in town we can get together for a mini-Yaoicon! That would bore Chythar to tears... but he can just deal. I listen patiently to his car stuff, he can damn well be patient through my yaoi fangirlieness. ^_^

Re: Group Glomp!


::blink blink::


Re: Group Glomp!

::reads mana's reply::


Re: Group Glomp!

I have no idea what all those smilies meant. ^_^;

Re: Group Glomp!

;.; = me crying

;___________; = me crying a lot

^___________^ = me happy again
Yay! I get to say Hi to Mana and Chy!

Oooooooooo! :)

Think maybe the MFM Director can get a hug from ya? :)


REally looking forward to having you at MFM! :)

Re: Oooooooooo! :)

Oh, I don't know, I've heard he's one of those.... weird people.


Yeah, you couldn't keep me away from MFM with a pointy stick. That is to say, ever since Chythar went, you can't keep HIM away from it, & when he goes to a con so do I. ^_^

Random comment..

I found your LJ through your website a couple weeks ago when I was checking for updates. I really like the essays and artwork you've done, so I went ahead and added you to my friends list, since I found some of your entries interesting. However, I forgot to properly introduce myself, until now. *offers a paw*

Re: Random comment..

::glomps paw:: Hieee!