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Kittens +  Grenade

Confusion Illo

Finally done

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WOW I'm really happy now that I don't have heart problems, else I'd have died! ;) I'll come up with more coherent comment later. For now... YEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Oh THAT is some sessy action there. My mate and I are long distance right now, that made me feel a LOT better. ^_^
Very nice inkwork, by the way.

::Jaw hits the ground::

GOOD...GOD...THAT'S AMAZING!!!! ::Glomps Mana-chan:: Just...breathtaking... :O!!! WOW. That's a beautiful/sexy/awesome picture and you did a wonderful job!!! =) WOOOO!!! You r0x my s0x, girl! =)
Whooo, you had fun with that one, I can tell by all the detail! ::grin:: I love how you did the halo around them to contrast the black background. That's a really nice touch. ^_^

...oh gods, that's so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very very pretty much eye type candy on that one... I like it :)
Like...WOW! Just browsed through tygercowboy's friends list, saw your post. Was amazed when I clicked on the link. *Very* nice job! Looks great, you're definately a good artist.

Errm...out of curiousity, what did you use to ink your drawing? With such a minute line width, I'm guessing Mircons, but am not sure. Just...wow. Looks amazing!

Combo Microns and Japanese brush-pens.

*blushes more at all the compliments*

Aaand now I finally dish out the promised coherent comment.

I particularily like Vegeta in this picture. (well, when would I NOT like him? ;P) The arch of his body is _gorgeous_! He seems to, just by the pose, stand out. It's like...even though he's in ecstacy, he still acts regal. ^_^ mmm....tails...

The scar on Vegeta's hip reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin. ^_^;

I also really LOVE how it's not explicit. How it's erotic, without showing anything. Been reading doujinshi a lot, eh 'neesan?