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Kittens +  Grenade

Mana does it again



Whooo SEXAY! ::grin:: Man, I always love how your lines are so clean...I know I read what type of brush you use somewhere, but now I've forgotten... @_@
ok praise slut :P here you go,

nice thighs, nice boobs nice scouter nice hair

there satisfied??:P


Very good, definitely captures the spirit of both characters...
Oh that is cool!!

I love your refined inking and strong lines..

LOL! I did wonder how it'd work out, but it's really good! XD

And when are you gonna get that gorgeous threesome piccie inked and scanned? I need more Mana art! XD

@_@ *falls over*

*gets back up* wow that is so awsome hehehe I like it muchly :D you are such an awsome artist hehehe

Ya' know hon...

...I'm seriously tempted to see if I can find anyone willing to make a 3D model of this for one of the various DragonBallZ video-game mods available for PC now. :-)

That turned out just as cool as the sketch hinted at. Would ya' mind if I passed the URL to this LJ entry and/or this picture around to a couple DragonBallZ-related 3D modelling boards and see if anyone bites at making that 3D? =^.^=
I knew the picture was going to turn out well from the detailwork I say you putting into it last night but....wow. I find the flare of the wings and tail really accentuates your posture here, and I love that lupine leer/grin.

That's awesome! It works really well, love the inking!