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Kittens +  Grenade

Flist maintenance

So I just did an F-list purge. I'm very liberal with my friends list - if someone friends me, I will usually friend back once I get around to noticing, unless the profile sets off any red flags or something. (I'll do that shortly.)

This time around though, I un-friended people who didn't have me friended anymore. I'm only reading an extremely select group of close friends and family with any regularity, anyway.

LJ's new (?) green and blue arrows have made this a far more doable task than it would have been otherwise. ^_^ Hooray LJ!

EDIT: Forgot to mention - if you really wanna stay, comment. This isn't "You are kicked out forever," it's "You didn't have me friended, so I figure you don't care if I have you friended, natch?"


Hey hon, It's Janis. I think I already left a message to you earlier, but just in case you don't see it, I've recently made a new Journal. I still live in Hollywood in case you ever want to drop back and catch up on things, I miss ya ^_^
Well hi thar!

Yeah, seeing as how we're in Gardena, it's a heck of a trip to get to Hollywood to see you. Miss ya. ;_;