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Kittens +  Grenade

Manawolf: 2; Smoke Detector: 1

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. It started beeping again. Several smacks later and it won't stop.

Aside from calling the landlord (and aside from bashing it to death with a broom handle), ideas?

EDIT: Smoke detector removed from wall. Now, the wall unit won't stop chirping - and so does the detector, even though it's both removed from the wall AND the batteries are out.

Must... resist... use of hammer...

EDIT 2: I think... THINK... It may have stopped. *cautious sigh of relief*


You know I've been having similar problems too. I can't even have one in the master bedroom because even taking a shower in the bathroom will set it off every time. In the other bedroom the thing will go nuts if you even cook at all in the house. It maybe the moisture from the rain?
In my 5am research about the subject, I found that smoke detectors shouldn't go just anywhere. Check out the last question here.
Ironically I have one right next to the kitchen and it never goes off while cooking. The one in the front of the house goes off when cooking and it's no where near the kitchen. ^^;; It's the same thing with the one in the bedroom. The one in the hallway is right near there and never goes off with shower steam. Ah well...
Well there's location, and then there's air circulation. The one by your stove might actually get better air circulation than the one in front!
The problem is, it's not actually "going off", y'know? It'll beep in a certain pattern when it senses smoke or steam or whatever, like if we fry something or burn toast. But this is a slow, steady beep about once every two minutes, like a reminder of something. Annoying as hell.
Yeah, they're made to do that when the battery is running low. Thing is, they're still plugged in to the wall. The battery is a backup for if the power goes out (as is entirely possible during a fire).
Really? That's odd, I know they had a campaign of commercials in the UK about people dying because they didn't change the batteries in their smoke alarm. I'm of the belief that they're not hard-wired into the building in the UK, just attached to the wall, which is why they encourage people to change the batteries regularly.

I could be talking out of my ass here, but I think that's how it works.