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Kittens +  Grenade

Nef update

Nef has been doing well since her cortizone shot. Dr. F was not very receptive to my concerns about her temperament; I figure I will actually make an appointment next time so I can see Dr. B instead of being a walk-in.

Ironically, we ran out of ZD food recently, so I've been giving her the other guys' food - which, at the moment, is something called Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken. It's one of the least expensive I could find where the primary ingredient was actually some variety of meat, not corn/rice meal. And, just like Fireball's, her fur got SOFT. Dr. F gave me strict instructions to keep her on nothing but ZD, but I was so sick the few days after I took her in that I couldn't get more (and they were out of stock while I was there). It certainly doesn't seem to have hurt, and if her fur's this silky-soft, it can't be bad for her skin, right?

She spent ten minutes this morning laying (not perching, with her pointy, pointy feet) on my chest, purring like a snugglebug while I scratched her head and face. Now, if only we can convince her not to SCREAM whenever she sees another cat, we'll be set.


...are you aware that for $3.50 each, we could go see the new My Little Pony movie at the Bridge?
There's a new MLP movie?
44 minutes long, but $3.50 entry!!
I dunno, the last modern MLP animation I saw wasn't something that would be enhanced by the big screen.
Hey, if she isn't scratching, seems comfortable, and digests it well......then go with what seems to be working.

After all, it's not like they'll stop making Z/D any time soon.
I'm so glad to hear she's doing a little better.

Maybe the skin was making her crazy?
I do think she's just crazy anyway, but being comfortable has definitely helped.
OH by the way - does your offer to help w/her vet bills still stand? :)
I have heard that Solid Gold is a very good type of food. It is one some people I know from a Ragdoll forum use for there little babies. You know how touchy the digestion of a purebreed can be.

I hope that it all works out.