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Kittens +  Grenade


There are a pair of redtail hawks who live around my work building. The tower's 15 stories tall, and between it, the Promenade shopping center and other high office buildings in the area there are some great clifflike perches and wind currents. I'm always hoping to get a look at one from inside the office while it's perching on the building windowsill.

I just saw one from the lunch room window, and watched as it glided down to a perch on a telephone pole. Soon enough the other came to join, taking two playful, acrobatic, completely pointless loops in the air before going down to it's mate. The other took off, and they circled around each other above the hillside and Sepulveda traffic until they worked their way out of sight.

Raptors are always thrilling to watch, and seeing a (presumably) mated pair playing in the wind put a great spin on lunchtime.


Redtails are still my favorite raptors, and thankfully very common. A close second? Kestrels.
Whenever anyone says raptors in this context, I cannot help thinking of dinosaurs screeching through the air with crudely constructed wings strapped to their arms.


Ran across your site. Opened my eyes to what I see and feel sometimes. Nice to know I'm not alone.
Oroku Norinaga
Samurai Foxtaur and proud of it......a bit more now.