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Xmas list

All I want for Xmas ish my two fwont teeth...

Oh wait. Well since I already have those...

Vintage '80s cartoons DVDs - Thundercats, She-Ra, My Little Pony ('80s version!)...
I'm still after the Athos CD; anything Evanescence or similar couldn't go wrong anyway. (I STILL haven't found my CD case with all the good CDs in it.)
Miyazaki films: Princess Mononoke(!!!), Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart (rare)
and/or the Movie Collection.

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin - or anything in the genre, since I don't have any of that stuff.
Haircutting for Dummies - because I hate going out to get my hair cut. Makes me rather nuts and stressed.

I already have a lot of embroidery books, but here's some I don't own:
Long and Short Stitch Embroidery: A Collection of Flowers
Three-Dimensional Embroidery Stitches
Chinese Embroidery: Traditional Techniques
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible
The Embroiderer's Floral
Helen M. Stevens books

Current generation My Little Ponies - haven't had a chance to buy any the past few years! ;_; And OMGPEGASUS&UNICORNS.

"Cat Hair is a Condiment"
Hairsticks (don't HAVE to be Longlocks - I was drooling over the $7 ones in Chinatown earlier today - but damn that's a pretty site)

Etcetera. My favorite colors are green & purple; teal is up there too. Naturally I am nuts for squirrels (heh), wolves, and unicorns. And roses, opals, dichroic glass... Goferit.
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