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Kittens +  Grenade

Drive-by bare-bones update


I'm at the point where I haven't updated LJ so long, it's impossible to catch up.

Good things are happening at work - Boss from Hell is leaving, Boss of the Golden Age of the Department is taking over. Bright new software program on the horizon.

Otana got her green card today. ^____^ We celebrated with Indian food. There was a time when you couldn't have gotten me to try Indian food with a herd of wild horses; well, Otana made it at home and showed me it didn't have to be spicy, and when it's NOT spicy I enjoy it! It still has been a little spicy in restaurants, but the mint yogurt drink cuts that easily.

Speaking of food, Devil's food cake and carrot cake are among her recent accomplishments. Despite this, I seem to have lost weight... 6_6

Reorganization of the house progressing slowly but steadily. Big improvement getting rid of the oversized papasan chair. It was nothing but a gathering place for stuff, really.

Avon is going well, and has actually been a help financially. Now if only I can keep myself from ordering so many shinies that it negates the earnings...
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Congratulations to Otana in getting her green card :)
Thank you! :D
Gratz on the losing of weight!!!

Glad to see an update from ye, Hon!
Glad to hear all is well :)

Congrats on the green card and work going well and all of that :)
Thank you!
Well, awesome! There seems to be a period of prosperity spreading around, and everyone is getting some.

Oh, congratulations on your engagment by the way.

I just moved to seattle, and I just got a job yesterday with a camera shop. So, good stuff :)

Enjoy futher experiences with indian food. It is indeed good in all it's forms. You should try some indian yogurt on some flat bread and other things. MMMMMMMM.
Well I certainly liked the mint yogurt drink...

I hear Seattle is rainy!
Many hoorays on all counts. Can I extract recipes or cooking lessons from Otana? As you know, I adore Indian food, but Dave and Rose have the same objections as you had, plus antipathies to cilantro. If I could manage to make it at home, though . . .
But of course!

I have a few that I typed up for a friend that I can simply forward to you. What kind of thing are you looking for? Many things such as garlic, chili and cilantro can pretty much be subbed or omitted completely, though there are quite a few ingredients to stock up on initially.
Oooh, yes! We're vegetarian + fish, so not much interest in meat dishes unless there's a tofu alternative (not exactly culturally traditional, I know) Since you already have them typed up, send anything appropriate. If I can lure you and Sarah down to Laguna in September, we can have a cooking lesson/feast.
Well there are dishes like Sag Paneer which are made with cheese and spinach and there may be some tofu substitutions. I don't know if Quorn is available here in the States, but it's a great vegetarian chicken substitute, I lived on it when I was vegetarian. Let me see what I can type up for you.
You'll have to tell me the secret to eating cake and still lose weight. Actually, I'd take the secret to losing weight and still eat any kind of food. Except Okra - hate the stuff.

Glad to hear things are going well up there.
Wooo, late reply!

Losing weight and eating [almost] any type of food is actually not as tough as you'd think, I was surprised too. We made lots of little changes, like taking extra care to cut the fat off of meat before cooking it, oven-baking food instead of frying it, getting low-fat mayo instead of regular, that kind of thing.

All the healthy eating in the world won't do jack without exercise though, and that's part two of our evil plan. :)
Gestapo... Riiiight.

I have to say that I can't recall what I said or where I said it. However, if I presented whatever you have disproven as fact, then it was likely because I in turn was provided with false information. Nevertheless! If that was the case, I would be mistaken and I don't have a problem saying that.

However, if all I said was "I had my money bet on stalking," then that is what I was thinking at the time. Voicing my opinion in that context is not slander (or libel, for that matter). If that's what I was thinking, then it is the truth to say that is what I had been thinking.

I'm not going to self-censor or lie about what's on my mind or what my opinion on events is. If that is what I thought was going on, well, then I am going to say that's what I think is going on. It's entirely possible I was incorrect in my impression or opinions. If I presented said charges of which you have now been cleared as fact, then that is my bad. Aight. So you were cleared of stalking charges; that doesn't mean that I didn't think, at the time of the post, that was what may have been going on.

To end, it is true that I was thinking a particular thought, and if you are saying that you don't want me to post said truth... Tree, barking, wrong one.
Just to let you I am a reasonable man I and still think you are a good person with alot of talent and I know you mean well in most of what you do I just felt like this was something I had to bring to your attention since I had a personal issue with it..but that is all I have to say.

This really comes across as incredibly condescending. manawolf's opinion of you has not changed, she is not going to stop saying what she thinks just because it gave you boo boo feelings.

You know what? This is the internet. It's really serious fucking business. You might actually read something you don't like, or an opinion you disagree with. I've heard about you from a LOT of people, not just manawolf. They ALL mentioned the stalking thing. I dunno, I couldn't care less because I don't even know who you are. But when that many people refer to you as "the crazy one with the restraining order" when your name comes up, you gotta start to wonder.

Wait ... I DO know who you are! You approached me at Rick and Tess', and had someone actually pull me aside and warn me about you. They warned me about you. And when I asked other people I was with, they all made that sucking noise with their teeth that's like "oooooh, man", and agreed with him. Does that not tell you something, that people actually introduce you as the crazy one? When I mentioned to friends about this guy who wouldn't stop talking to me, and someone came and pulled me away and told me he was bad news, that his name was "something-wolf"> and everyone immediately said your name, knowing it was you? How many people are there with the name "wolf" in furry fandom? But your name was the one that came up?

And dude, the gestapo thing? Makes you sound crazy from the perspective of someone who doesn't get the zany political comment you claim to be making. Just letting you know, so someone doesn't read it and start rumors which in turn would be somewhat damaging to your person.

I'm gonna be serious here. Joking aside, you clearly have issues. So do I, so does everyone. But I don't kid myself that mine are anyone's problem but my own. And when you come into my mate's journal because she expressed her honest opinion online, an opinion that I have heard from numerous other people, I get my Bitch Hat on. Either you accept that people are going to say things about you when you do dumbass things, or you stop doing dumbass things. It really is that easy.
Aww, and you won't even play. How sad.
This happened how many years ago? o.O

Wait ... Gestapo?! You own a time machine? Can I play? Please? That'd be so awesome, I'd totally be your best friend!