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Kittens +  Grenade

From artonis

Oh my god what.

Traumatized for life now KTHX


What, you don't think solid-state electronics deserve to have hard-ons? o_O
Come on, that's all pretty vanilla.

Same pics in a bit higher res:


Place of origin seems to be Russia (markings and style of parts)

He Crest her so lovingly and entered her Colgate, but then pulled out and took Aim.


I could have gone a really long time without seeing that and been not at all distressed.

Reminds me of lego porn. :D
Is this what Whitman meant by "singing the body electric?"

I'm going to sing the DOOM song now!

Soft skin is the Otaku's dream, Loli skirts and youthful Cream.
Fetish porn of many sights, soon are lack-luster delight,
A river Stix of the Internet, A Techno-Boatman they Invent,
Computers always Hentai Guide, Now Computers the Hentai Bride.

The moral of this story? Many Internet perverts and have fallen in love with their own computers. McGruff the Crime Fighter dog says, Only you can prevent Otaku Fires.

(Forgive me for my insane ranblings, for in the lack of recriational drugs or mind numbing television programs... insanity is my pancea)

*knock knock*


it's the peach pit. :D