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Kittens +  Grenade

Garden update

I just had a donkey contest with the landlord. Who is the most stubborn? I think it is a tie. Unfortunately he is the one with the upper hand and this is something we both know.

We went around in circles for a while. He wants the lawn that he spent "a good deal of money on." He insists that nothing - not even a small table - be put on it, because the lawn there will die. I want my plants to not be under the building eaves, because experience indicates they will die there. There is too little light and they miss the rainfall.

When I moved in, there was nothing but hard dirt. I have rosebushes several years old, sky vines (which the workmen hacked up removing from the fence), clematis, and a culinary herb garden.

He absolutely refuses to budge on putting anything at all on the lawn. Nothing. He also says they're going to be putting in flowers (so, what, are they going to dig up my alyssium in front of my window?) and that he was willing to try to work with me. He suggested that I could plant them in the front yard garden (ha! We're several units down from there!) or try to keep them in back along the garage, but that's a worse option than under the eaves.

When I continued to hold my ground that I did not want my plants going on the other side because they would die, he asked me if I wanted to turn in my notice. Well we don't have anywhere to move, so, I said I would look around this evening. (I also didn't say yes or no.)

I'm this far away from crying. I know the property technically belongs to them. I know the lease probably says we need their permission to put anything on the grounds. But dammit, for roughly two years WE have beautified the yard; WE have dug up the clay to plant flowers; those are still MY favorite rosebushes and we were not even given so much as a courtesy note before the vines were ripped away from the fence and they have laid down an ultimatum that condemns my nursery to a lingering death from sub-standard light.

I'm especially pissed off because the cilantro has just really taken off, and we use it extensively in cooking.

Maybe I could try to hang things against the back fence. Or maybe from stakes - but I'm not certain he wouldn't kick up a fuss about punching little holes in the ground, either.

I appreciate the beautifying effort, I really do. But not at the expense of the things I have nurtured to be beautiful.

Besides, I hate lawns. They're water wasters and have no personality. I'd at least do a lawn of clover or chamomile.


I have to admit, I do love how the lawn looks. The hard dirt was cold and unfeeling to me, and the green looks great. BUT I don't agree with him just doing it without warning, and being so anal about things.

We can talk about it when you get home and take a look to see if we need to find a new place. It's all doable.

hrrmm, what if you were to suspend a flowerbox on from the fence? bet if you went to lowes they'd be able to find something you could use.

sorry your landlord is such a dick.

This occured to me, unfortunately it would do nothing for a lot of the plants most at risk - full-sized rosebushes.
I agree he is being a shit, but landlords will do that. I also agree plants under eaves are not a good idea. I planted in large pots and in a flower bed. I have had luck with my landlords I hope your situation improves.
>plants under eaves are not a good idea

Tell me about it, I've tried that before. Landlord said "they'll get afternoon sun..." but he didn't seem to realize that the tree break across the way casts shade over it after a few hours, and "afternoon sun" does NOT qualify as the full sun exposure a lot of plants require.
I say you hang an upside down plant in your windowsill. This can be done, they are called hanging gardens I believe and when the landlord sees it he will likely say take it down but since you have it hanging inside your apt/home the landlord can say zilch about it and will just have to grin and bear it. Perhaps if you do this he will consider a compromise with you, small table for removal of the upside down hanging plant that looks out of the norm.
The problem with the windowsill is that it's under the eaves, not enough light for most of my plants.