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Kittens +  Grenade


I'd previously thought I'd be able to make the con, but that was a spectacular case of bad planning on my part (i.e., thinking it was within driving distance). So I'm sorry to everyone I told I would be there, but I won't. (Believe me, I'm at least as disappointed as you.)

Will have to do something special this weekend to make up for that. Like break out back-issues of Genus, or something.


Well, at the very least, I can say I very much missed seeing you. I was really hoping to pounce you or some such, or at the very least see you come by my table and talk for a while. I managed to get your phone number durring the con, but, subsequently lost it again, so... no calls from me :(

Will definately be looking foward to maybe seeing you next year or perhaps at anthrocon.

Now that you mention Genus, though... I managed to almost complete my collection this weekend! YAY!! Bwaahahahahahaha!!!!

Still hoping to hear from you by digital means,


Doofus. ;P