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Kittens +  Grenade


IE just ate my post.

God I hate this browser.

EDIT: Yes, yes, I DO USE FIREFOX. But these days I am mostly making posts from work, and we are not allowed to download any programs onto work computers for ph34r of spyw4rez and haxx0rz. :P


In this world of upgrades, it begs one to ask: Which version? How many updates have you had with it? Is your antivirus up to date? Are you infested with spyware?

Sadly, programmers have a million excuses on why their bad code doesn't work. I feel your pain.

Download an LJ client to your PC instead :)
Much more simple and much more accesible
It's my work PC :( Otherwise I wouldn't be using IE at all.
Now THAT is the best damn tip I've gotten so far. I will try it, so that next time I get cocky and compose the post on the webpage instead of in Notepad I don't lose the post that started as a one-line update and mutated into a 6-paragraph essay.
Is there a reason you can't use Firefox?
Work computer.

And believe me, if I thought I could get away with it, I would.

ah yes, microshit's lousy excuse for a browser, also known as "AAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

<IE voice>It was a very tasty post too</IE voice>
Firefox is love. ^__^ Haven't really touched IE anymore after I tried it myself.
I think everybody hates IE. For good reason. Reasons, rather.

I'd suggest Firefox (recent choice of most furs, btw) or Netscape. Both far more useful and less volatile than Internet Explorer

Though, if you do happen to get Netscape, get a version BEFORE 8.0. It's less... shiny, but if you intend to use a tablet for... anythying, it's best advised for the time being.

I got 8.0 and it ate the config file for my wacom tablet every time I started my computer, making the pen useless and act like a mouse. Guh.

Anyway, Netscape 7.2 and any version of Firefox I know of use a cool side bar bookmarking system and have a bunch of tabs in the same window rather than a bunch of windows, so, browsing several pages becomes a lot less messy.

Anyway, try one out. As the other replys profess, you'll like. :)
OI I have been meaning to get back in touch with you!!! *glomp*
Yay! :)

I keep getting this impression that you have a deep seeded... not liking of me.

But then I remember the early days of email tag.... and the seasons that would pass between messages :D

No worries.
Well said. 'nuff said.