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Kittens +  Grenade

Damn I'm talkative tonight.

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?

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Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?

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What Is Your True Aura Colour?

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Where Did Your Soul Originate?

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EDIT: -PPPPPPHHHHHffffffht!- Perfect perfect perfect!!! Yes, yes I am!

Which cute aminal are you? ;)

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I just wanna say a big THANK YOU

THANK YOU for putting all those behind a cut tag! I wish more people would do that. Especially with images from Quizilla, which keeps having problems.

Re: I just wanna say a big THANK YOU

Noprob. I try to format my journal as I like to see others' journals formatted on my friends page... Anything overly long/obnoxious/obtrusive gets cut. ^_^ My journal may be for me, but I don't want it to be a pain in the ass for my friends to look at!
Hey, Noelani. I just stumbled across your journal in one of those "clicking on a friend of a friend of a friend's LJ" games to avoid doing homework. I remember you from way back, when you were on Let's Talk--I was on under the handle of Ryan Varagas. I'm not sure if you remember me, and don't worry if you don't, I probably wouldn't remember to many other people from CPS, either, but your name stuck in my mind for whatever reason. So just thought I'd pop on and say hello and I'm glad to see you're doing pretty well, overall. ^_^ Just thought it was a weird coincidence.

OMG! I remember you! Yesh, back when I actually qualified to be on Let's Talk... I'm a good 4 years "too old" for it now. Not that anyone else would have a problem with me going back, I bet, but it's just not the right genre for me anymore, my issues are different, have evolved since then.

Yes, very very odd coincidence that I should meet a fellow CPSer gone furry. ^_^
Yeah, I left not so much for age reasons but just because I tired of the atmosphere of message boards in general. People just get too elitist and hostile and I just... didn't feel like I was helping anymore. I try to do sex-education in a much more personal manner here on campus as opposed to online stuff now. And, yeah, I'm pretty well into furry fandom. Now if I could just learn to draw like I want to. -_- Your art, by the way, is gorgeous--I'm extremely jealous.

I've peeked back on CPS, most of the regulars from our day are gone and the board seems to generally have gone to the wolves, though I guess that's what all old-timers say about the younger generations, eh? ;)

::blushes at art compliment:: Awr thankoo...

Personally I just ran out of time, before my issues/perspective morphed. LJ is the closest thing to a message board I visit regularly, though I have moments of participation on a few others (mostly those related to online comics I like). Only now do I appreciate the oodles and oodles of time I had as a teen... school, homework, then NOTHING until the next school day, so I could afford to dick around on the net arguing over petty things.

I'm always encouraging open discussion about taboo topics tho. I don't think that will ever fade.
Hey, always glad to compliment good artists. I never knew you were such a good artist, I only vaguely recall that you did some art back in the day, but I'm really impressed now. ^_^

Yeah, LJ is about all the message boarding I do, and even that is too much for me sometimes. People in some of the communities (bisexual, in particular) get... well, how people get in online arguments, and it pisses me off. Had a HUGE argument with someone in a bisexual community about a comment she made about how polyamory was "disgusting" and she just went off at my suggestion that she, perhaps, show respect for other sexuality minorities since she, herself is one, and.. yeah. That fulfilled my pointless online-argument quota for the year. -_- And I appreciate people who keep things stirred up--always question the norms, bring up things that bother everyone else. ^_^

Yeah, I'm realizing now how much free time I had when I was in high school. College is going ok but kicking my ass, time-wise--I have more homework than I care to think about. Luckily, winter break is approaching. Phew. I can finally relax with my Playstation2 and have some vacation time with my partner. ^_^ And presents! Whee! I hate to be so materialistic, but, hey, there are some DVDs I want, so I can be excited about them. ^_^

Gah, I just had that thing hit where you're fine and awake and then all of a sudden you hit a wall and your body just feels ready for bed. I guess that's my cue to go. ^_^ Later!