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Lunch Fairies. Perfectly logical!

I swear to god I have lost weight. These pants have always been loose, but now they seem loosER.

We have not been able to do walks this week, what with a combination of lack of planning and a rather nasty head cold, but we have still been working on the diet issue. If I need to snack, I make it dried fruit &/or nuts, and serving sizes are kept small.

In related news, the lunch fairies seem to have invaded our home and left me tupperware full of the best damn chicken noodle soup I've ever had. I'm not kidding. Homemade chicken noodle soup has always had the disadvantage - for me - of containing stray bones and bits of fat. Not this time! Add to that incredibly flavorful broth, linguine noodles, potatoes, carrots, celery... I'm not just flattering otana when I say it's the best chicken noodle soup ever, I'm being serious!

Them fairies also left a Japanese mochi/pancake dessert, and a note. The note blamed the food on 'tana, but I'm not fooled by those crafty fairies. It was fairies, I tell you!

Anyway I think I'm going to have to tighten the waistband on these pants.
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