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Kittens +  Grenade

This morning on Fox News

"STORMWATCH 2005" Duh duh DUUUHN duhduh nuh nuh nuh DUUUUUHN...


Granted some areas that have been burned off may have a rough time of it with the mud sliding and whatnot, but dude. IT'S FUCKING DRIZZLE. Jeesus fucking christ, get a grip.*

Native Angeleno Who Is Not A Pussy.

*Then again, if they got a grip, they wouldn't be Teh Fox Neus. Natch.


Just because it didn't rain on YOU...

...Doesn't mean that it didn't rain on others in the viewing area of channel 11.

I didn't watch the news at 11 O'Clock that morning, but I DID have the NWS weather radar display for the Los Angeles/Oxnard area up on my work PC, while repairing electronics. The Storm - and it WAS a storm, for much of the state north and west of us - sent rain squalls in a trail which ran parallel to the coast; nothing much from Malibu east, but Oxnard. Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria all got something. One of my coworkers was up on Santa Ynes Peak, which overlooks the Santa Barbara to Gaviota stretch of the coast, and he had to wait for the flooded stream to drop before he could come down.

No one knew that the moisture would move from SouthEast to NorthWest like that, it is not the normal pattern; but if it had swept easterly, as Low Pressure systems usually do, Box Canyon, Oat Mountain, and the foothills at the Northern side of the San Fernando Valley would have all got rain.

And remember - as moisture-laden clouds move from over the valley and are forced up by the hills, the pressure drops, the air mass expands, temperature at elevation drops, and the ability of the air to retain that water vapor disappears, and what is a trace amount in the basin becomes a half-inch in the hills.


Re: Just because it didn't rain on YOU...

... Um, yes, it DID rain on me. I'm in Santa Monica.

It amazes me what short memory fellow Angelenos have. Remember last year? When it rained like a tropical downpour for three weeks straight? THAT was a storm well worth freaking out about. This was a mild amount of water falling from the sky, which is not omg!endoftheworld, despite what the graphic artists at Faux News would have you think.