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Kittens +  Grenade



I just managed to get, by pure LUCK, a truck with a lift gate for moving the piano this weekend. After doing research I'd been convinced the best I could get would be a ramp with a furniture dolly. But a lift gate - oh, a lift gate!! And it was the only one they had! YAAAAH!

It'll be FUN TIMES driving a 15' truck 600 miles, though.


OMG--you totally have to put together some signage, and peddle some tap water that you call "Manawolf's Constitutional" that you sell for $20 a bottle. It heals old wounds, promotes vigor, cures all ills, and makes you look more attractive! But that's not all! If they are willing to buy FIVE (5) bottles you will also include some of your ultra-famous, very-limited sex tonic. Sex tonic will do what Viagra does, but it lasts for a month!!

That, or just do a Vaudeville kinda thing.