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Kittens +  Grenade


You Failed the US Citizenship Test

Oops, you only got 3 out of 10 right!

Although I predict that before long, I will probably know the dang answers. I mean, someone here has got to, so yeah.

Bloody hell, I can arrange naturalization for someone else but couldn't get it for myself. I blame Ms. Seelig, history teacher from Hell. Christ that was one nasty woman.


Re: When did Bahawalpur join the allies in WW2?

There are very few countries in the world with such draconian entry requirements as the USA, as a mutual friend of ours is discovering the hard way.

That is wholly untrue.

I see there that the UK lost more per capita than America, as did most of the other countries. And in terms of military deaths, America lost the least per person. So I fail to see your reasoning, if we were going solely by losses the Soviet Union should be the one commemorated.

"I see you lost an arm there, chap."

"Yeah, I did, and it hurts so terribly."

"Well, that guy over there lost two, so let's pretend you didn't lose yours, 'kay?"

I never said we were "going solely by losses", I said that knowledge of WW2 from an American viewpoint AS AN AMERICAN is valid because it wasn't some day at the races picnic funfest. You seem to be implying that Americans should qualify every statement about the war like so, "America did fight in the war, and we did fight Japan and some other guys, but our sacrifice was nothing compared to the proud peoples of the European allies, and for that fact, I am sorry and shame-filled for our pathetic efforts to defeat the Axis powers, because America is always bad no matter what. Ireland rocks."

No question about that. But why not say 'During World War II, America and her allies fought-' or 'During World War II, the Axis comprised of-' or words to that effect?

Because this is not a quiz about World War 2. It *IS* a quiz about American history.

I don't question that. I disagree with trivialising world history in such a manner.

Oh man. Let me lay this out for you straight. I probably have spent 100 times more effort in my adult life learning world history than you have. I've read volumes on the Great War and ancient Greek and Illyrian history, lost whole weekends descending into mostly forgotten chapters in the story of Persian dynasties. In fact, American history is one of my least favorite subjects. That said, I wouldn't even consider adding a question about the Dacian league in a test about American history. In my opinion, the formation of the Greek city states were far more important to the status of Western culture than anything America has ever done, but that is not the issue. The issue is America, and regardless of my personal thoughts on our political climate, I wouldn't denigrate History by playing dumb and forming a question based on my bias.

Dumb meme or not, America did fight in WW2, and the question is valid. End of story.

offer you a pint.

As long as it isn't any of that flaccid Irish crap. Spring for a Belgian and I'm there.