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Kittens +  Grenade


You Failed the US Citizenship Test

Oops, you only got 3 out of 10 right!

Although I predict that before long, I will probably know the dang answers. I mean, someone here has got to, so yeah.

Bloody hell, I can arrange naturalization for someone else but couldn't get it for myself. I blame Ms. Seelig, history teacher from Hell. Christ that was one nasty woman.


I got 9 of 10- but then, I'm a history buff...

I'm not sure what the point of the test is- I assume its to acquaint prospective citizens with the history of the country they wish to join so as to gain a sense of belonging and connection.
Or some such.
(Proof that you have an appreciation and understanding of the nation you wish to become a citizen of?)

I'd be very curious to see what kind of questions other countries put on their emigration tests.

And I'm honestly wondering what question I missed....