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RVSP - CA friends & family

Real quick, who wants to attend/can make it to a wedding on Sunday?

I know because of short notice most family won't be able to come, but don't worry, I promise to give more warning before I get hitched. This is the legal wedding for otana and sardonicus.

Anyway speak now or hold your peace because we need to make sure the restaurant has enough room for us! Let me know (unless you have already told otana, sardonicus or ame_chan) and I will furnish location, directions & time.


Oh...I SO wish I could go!!!!

Too bad PA is so far away from CA....!

My own personal congrats to all of you..you'll be in my thoughts as I burn the incense on Sunday...
Congratulations! :)
*nod* hence this post - I don't think I'll pick up anyone past what we already have, but I am checking...
I wish I could come but I'm signed up to work Sunday. Pass on my congratulations!
GWA! *begs for pictures*

I'll make it if I can.

I didn't know this was coming up so fast, or I'd have made plans in advance.

I'll probably have to borrow gas money because my latest sale art is still unfinished, but please drop me a line with the info and I'll do my best.

Whats the dress code? Casual or semiformal?


We're not expecting a lot of people to make it because of the short notice - we'll put more foreplanning into the triad ceremony so more can attend.

Well, the actual deed itself will be done in a park, and then we will adjourn to a cafe where jeans and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable. It's not terribly formal, at all. :) I will drop you a line with the info!
....Blasted yahoo...

They put the delete button where the send should be and I hit delete when I tried replying by email...


Get me the info on friday, tomorrow please, and I'll make plans.


I'll cover for gas money. :-)

Better to carpool regardless. =^.^=

Re: I'll cover for gas money. :-)


Do you have the phone number for here? or my Cel number?

Call me on friday, (tomorrow) to finalise plans.
(Lets hope this gets out all right- I accidentally hit the delete button instead of "send" in replying to Sarah....)

Hey I'll go, meet you at City Hall
don't forget to make room for the cupcake
I have room in my car ok
ok i think i have room for the tuna
lol don't forget to take the body out first oops
's ok we ate the last of him on Wednesday

I'd like to come!

And I'm trying to arrange for my mum to make it as well, if that's okay? =^.^=

Re: I'd like to come!

Oh, I think it oughtar be :D
Egad, thanks for the invite. Unfortunately, I am unable to make the event due to something else I've already been committed to. But best wishes to the happy couple.
Ga Damnit X_X my fault for not checking my lj in time x_x
Sorry hun :(

We did mention it when you were last over, but... well, a heck of a lot of other stuff happened. :P