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Dazed & confused

Note to self: if this sucking, pulling feeling is still here in two weeks? Change meds. Kthx.

I hate not knowing if what I'm going through is a normal, acceptable reaction pattern to various events and factors, or if it's cause for re-examining my management of a mood disorder. Really hate it. I love scorning normality, but that kind of entails that I know what it IS. If I have no rule of measurement? Well, I just don't know which way to swing, dammit.

The ruler I am settling on for now is time. They say you are depressed if the feelings persist for a certain period of time... well, we will just see how I feel in a couple weeks.

Leaving this open/public for the benefit of people who do not have LJ and who are trying to catch up with me... or... whatever. Something.

Stopping here, because everything else I try to write = total waaahmbulance. You know, in comparison to what I've already written. Whooo.
Tags: crai moar, depression

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