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It would help if I updated my journal to say that I'm going to be on vacation 'till Thursday, sans 'net, practically without phone, out at a remote location by the beach in the middle of nowhere with wild animals and ferocious weather and no food and...

Well OK, "wild animals" constitutes hummingbirds and sea anemones, and there IS a phone, and the food will be brought by us. And the worst we have to fear from weather is getting sunburned. But that's no small thing! No indeedy!

... ANYway, there won't be internet, so I won't see or be able to respond to anything until I get back (at which point I have to slog through the backlog, so, add another week).

I would say I'm going to miss it terribly and go through withdrawal, and I probably will, but at this point I need a vacation so badly that it sounds like the most wonderful thing in the world.

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