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Hooyeah, I'm sick. Feel like someone ran my chest cavity through a wringer, then crumpled it kinda sorta into shape and stuck it back. I might possibly actually have been able to drag myself into work, but it would not have been smart. And besides, chilling with nekkie Otana is - uh, an immune system booster, or something. I'm pretty sure.

I finally put in a new filter for the goldie tank - mind you, there is now ONE fish (plus snail), the last Siamese algae eater is confirmed dead, and god knows what happened to the dojo loach. We went to the fish store yesterday, had koi attempt to take our fingers instead of (or as well as) the fish food. Fishie kisses.

Some fish have teeth tho... I think the fish that bit her must have been a red parrot cichlid - well, I'd be pretty grumpy if I couldn't close my mouth, too!

Because there are so few fish left in the 10g, I spent some time checking out the goldfish. I'm particularly fond of the chocolate/silver veiltails (though I admit some fondness for pearlscales, that's probably not a bright idea since Butch succumbed to problems common to egg-bodied goldfish types).

Whatever the case, he needs a friend. Maybe another SAE or something, perhaps a pair (so they pick on each other, instead of just him).

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