June 15th, 2006

Kittens +  Grenade

Drive-by bare-bones update


I'm at the point where I haven't updated LJ so long, it's impossible to catch up.

Good things are happening at work - Boss from Hell is leaving, Boss of the Golden Age of the Department is taking over. Bright new software program on the horizon.

Otana got her green card today. ^____^ We celebrated with Indian food. There was a time when you couldn't have gotten me to try Indian food with a herd of wild horses; well, Otana made it at home and showed me it didn't have to be spicy, and when it's NOT spicy I enjoy it! It still has been a little spicy in restaurants, but the mint yogurt drink cuts that easily.

Speaking of food, Devil's food cake and carrot cake are among her recent accomplishments. Despite this, I seem to have lost weight... 6_6

Reorganization of the house progressing slowly but steadily. Big improvement getting rid of the oversized papasan chair. It was nothing but a gathering place for stuff, really.

Avon is going well, and has actually been a help financially. Now if only I can keep myself from ordering so many shinies that it negates the earnings...