May 22nd, 2005

Kittens +  Grenade

Ah, hate mail.

It has been a long time. Oh, how I missed the tender lick of it's flames.  What a lovely way to wake up!

Well, calling it hate mail or a flame, that's giving it a bit of credit really. Content was thusly:

Subject: ............
Email: NO!

Vegeta is not Yaoi!!!!!!!!

He's married to me (so-and-so)
I replied that they are delusional. Lick me baby, lick me.

Honestly, if you're going to claim that Vegeta is straight (BWAHAHAHAHAHA), at least point to Bulma or something.  For fuck's sake.  Telling me he's "married" to YOU is just sticking your rear up there in the air asking for a beating, and I don't mean the kind with a reach-around.
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