January 26th, 2005

Saiyajin Female

Dude needs decaf.

I don't run into genuine road rage often. I try to be a considerate driver. I wave thank-you, I let people in front of me (IF they use their blinker... I'm kind of strict about that), or at least, I'm always trying. After all, those of us on the road do have to drive, why make it any more of a pain than it has to be? Less ulcers for me, anyway...

So today I was coming up on the freeway onramp, and the turn light switched to yellow. I thought it probably would be cutting it close to surf on through (I know this light pretty well), so I braked. I hear screeching tires behind me. o_O Not the sound you like to hear on the road. I adjust my braking to scootch forward a bit, in case the person in back of me needs the room to stop, and check it out in the mirror. This guy in a luxury car is looking very pissed off, and had actually swerved to gain more room and avoid hitting me!

Keep in mind.... if the light was close for me, HE would have been running the red. What the hey was he doing going to fast he had to brake like that - on a street newly wet with rain - to stop in time?

Moron then proceeds to CHASE ME ON THE FREEWAY. Including cutting me off and braking hard, and making exasperated waving signals. Oh yes, and occasionally honking. Oooooh, I'm intimidated, yes I am. (I also have a bridge to sell you.)

Technically, the right thing to do is stay safe, keep distance, ignore it, don't get involved. I wasn't in the mood. I enthusiastically flipped him off and told him to blow me (not that he could really hear or see that part... but it's the thought that counts, ay?). His hand signals were rather like "I'm upset at you but I don't have the guts to give you the finger so I'm just gonna hold up my hands and gesticulate in a frustrated fashion." In response to my own they were impotent and eventually amusing, so I started making fun of them.

Eventually he moved into another lane and I passed him, and then there was my exit. (I am glad to live so close to work, yes I am.)

Did I mention there was a passenger in the vehicle? He was behaving like this in front of another person, when his concern should have been their safety? (Never mind his own... of course I didn't make the situation much better once it started, so I can't really talk about safety.)

Yes, believe it or not Mr. Black Shiny BMW, I did not brake to deliberately piss you off. The light turned yellow. It was within rights for me to judge that it was the best thing to brake and wait for the next signal, even if YOU were speeding up to make the light. Now I'm sorry I didn't wave an apology to you, but it wasn't my action that necessitated you slamming on the brakes, it was your speed, ON WET GROUND might I add.

So blow me.
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