November 26th, 2004

Kittens +  Grenade

Stupids Family Robinson....

The Swiss Family Robinson is on TV. I have never watched it. I have somehow been spared the horror.

I find myself.... dumbstruck at the stupidity of these people. You don't fuck with elephants. Or ostriches! But here the youngest boy is going out and (somehow) catching them with lassoes, and the adults kind of roll their eyes and say "Okay, you can keep him."

As if the entire world is his personal pet store. As if an ostrich couldn't disembowel a full-grown man with one kick. As if the elephant couldn't easily kill any of them with one flick of the trunk. Oh, of COURSE the elephant will be happy to help us with manual labor! And be our pet!

That kid is destined to become the world's youngest exotic animal hoarder, who ends up eaten by his own pet monitor lizard or something.

It also displays a pecular brand of cultural arrogance, a holdover of the "we are God's chosen and the world is there for our picking" attitude that cares little or nothing for the consequences of such actions. I don't think they'd even designate a method for handling trash or waste. (They may have in the original material, mind you, but from what I'm seeing they don't seem at all inclined to think of such things.)

I mean, I KNOW environmentalism as we know it wasn't invented yet, but could we think a little before rampaging all over the pristine wilderness, taking what we like from wherever it is, and throwing the apple cores and papaya rinds willy-nilly? Plzkthx.

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