July 19th, 2004

Kittens +  Grenade

Hair porn


I tried the Hair Oil thing, and it was teh cool. Mind you, I don't have any color to seal in, or even any free hair to comb (yay), but now my hair smells like mint. Why mint, you say? Why not olive oil or rosemary? Because, as I was too lazy to do the rosemary essential oil extraction process, I decided to use Trader Joe's Rosemary Mint bath & body oil instead!!! Between that and the coconut-based shampoo, my hair smells real interesting.

Oh yes, and until I get pictures taken (need batteries!), my hair is done up rather like this. Although I really, REALLY like this... wonder why...

Uh huh, I did a man's braid style. :P I like the wide rows...

And yes, the girl who was doing it was incredibly hot (cannot find her pic on the website tho), and I spent a great deal of time thinking "she's TOUCHING ME!!!! Squeeeee!" *cough*

The extendable shower head has improved the quality of my life fivefold. *sighs gratefully*

Otana dear, I got your letter! The appropriate things will happen ASAP.

Actually thinking about picking up a pencil... mostly due to my perusal of pervy Japanese smut. Collapse )
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