July 6th, 2004

Kittens +  Grenade

It's supposed to hurt *less* now, right?

WHOOOO I now have a cast! Fucking A!!! Dr. O'Brien said that he had a good success rate with realigning the bones properly in the cast, without surgery & pins.

After putting the cast on and submitting my ankle to excruciating pain (you'd think I was used to this), another x-ray was taken and the alignment was declared to be exemplary. I have a follow-up in a week, but the doc thinks it shouldn't be a problem.

Incidentally, I walked past the scene of the accident for the first time since it happened, and managed not to break anything else. Whoo.

And now, my leg muscles are twitching, probably because of the adjusted position. It hurts like fuck.

In other news, yesterday I saw Teverant for the first time since, like, the Great Depression or something. He showed me Cat Soup. I must devise an appropriate revenge. Peanuts in garlic salt, perhaps.



A mythical being of Chinese mythology, comparable
with the western unicorn. Ki-lin personifies
all that is good, pure, and peaceful. It lives
in paradise and only visits the world at the
birth of a wise philosopher. The Ki-Lin is
said to walk on earth and on water. It never
drinks or eats dirty food or water. The Chinese
unicorn never treads on smaller animals below
its feet nor does it ever harm another living
creature. The Ki-Lin is the emblem for
exquisite goodness, longevity, grandeur,
endless compassion and great wisdom. According
to Chinese mythology, at the birth of Confucius
a Ki-Lin appeared and Confucius died soon after
a Ki-Lin was killed, he believed that his
writings would not proceed from the omen of the
death of the Unicorn.

Which Chinese Mythological Being Are You?
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