July 5th, 2004

Kittens +  Grenade

Fourth Schmorth

Hn... some meme is screwing up my friends page. How annoying. I put mine behind a cut, just in case.

Anyway, I did not plan it for the 4th, but it happened anyway. wolfwings drove me up to Robin Leyden's, then skidaddled off to Rick & Tess'. sardonicus stayed home because he was thrashed. I did not intend for my visit to be on the 4th (in fact I thought the 4th was on Monday when I was making the plans), but it worked out that way.

It was obnoxiously fun to see them again, I got to see the squirrels (Winston is hilarious, he's so FAT) and I brought corn on the cob for the grill. We also had steak (New York flank) and ice cream (cookies & cream and coffee almond stuff, both of which I brought). Robin and I discussed vicodin and pain, and I showed him my collection of yaoi/shota porn. (He enthused over Dr. Ten the last time I was over.) I pointed him to Jqueen.

Saw Bruce Allmighty and yes, finally, the 2nd Harry movie. Basilisk = sexy.

Unfortunately, on my way out, I lost my balance and fell in the driveway. Gave my foot a damn good whack, I think it's still sore. I'm tempted to tell them to x-ray it AGAIN before surgery to make sure there's no progressive damage from all the whacking it's recieved due to me falling from the crutches. Grr.

I am, as a rule, fond of sparkly explody things, but I did not see any fireworks. The company of good friends was more important.

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