October 16th, 2003

Kittens +  Grenade


Took Foss --- um. Took Tangelo in to the vet last night. I was planning on going to the darkroom to get my film developed so I could do some print work tomorrow, but the vet took longer than expected. I had a really rough time, I’m afraid. He had a fever – about 104º - which surprised me because he hasn’t been acting like he feels sick. The vet gave us some suggestions about how to cool him down, and I asked how we could tell when his temperature was back to normal. She said when he started acting like he was feeling better – but he isn’t acting like he’s sick in the first place! The vet was concerned and puzzled, and asked if he’d come from out of state. Apparently some blood disorders not commonly found in California could be responsible for his symptoms.

I am severely annoyed at the vet I took Tang’ to in July – he told me that apart from signs of an infection, Tangelo’s test results were completely normal. The vet I saw last night said that they had records of some abnormal blood cells. He didn’t just not tell me, he said there WAS nothing else. Sonofa… *sigh* Guess I’m going to have to be more assertive about digging up information. I… don’t really want to change hospitals, because this one is so convenient, and the short commute time lessens the stress on the animals, but… maybe I should just take them to Bay Cities. Well, we’ll see.

I just… every cat I’ve lost was underweight at the end. This really, really bothers me. I was nearly crying in the appointment room when they had to sedate him to get blood. I had this awful conviction that he just wasn’t going to wake up…

God, I didn’t even connect this until now, but that was the beginning of the end for Radar. He just didn’t come out of sedation Hm. That explains a lot of my reaction. Wow.

The results should be in today. They sent us home with antibiotics. Personally I don’t think he even has an infection because he has not been acting sick, but I guess they couldn’t hurt.
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