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Kittens +  Grenade


So, the past 6 days have been crazeh, in that happy-but-busy-but-so-happy-I-could-just-die-right-now way. Came home yesterday to otana and sardonicus watching The Eye. I reheated Japanese curry (which I can eat! Hurray!Amazing), sat down to watch it with them, hid behind my pillow and cried like a little girl during the elevator scene.

Then we watched Eight-Legged Freaks, I took a break to wash and condition my hair with Jojoba oil, wolfwings emerged from hibernation in the bedroom and I pointed out the cutest spiders. (zomg DEADLY tarantula!) And then Wolf played Eternal mode in Katamari Damacy, showing Otana why everyone raves about this game like lunatics on 'shrooms.

And there was snuggling and talking and laughing in bed.

I could get used to this, yaknow? Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop, I admit. But I am deleriously happy, and I apologize to everyone whose emails I haven't answered, and my friends who haven't seen hide nor hair of me since Friday (not that me being reclusive is anything new). I'm just soaking this up right now, I figure after two years I just might deserve it.



Yah, you *definitely* deserve it.

*smiles happily for teh crazhies*


I love the game as well. Im glad that Otana is settling in with a bit of R&R. Katamari should drive her insane...in a good way. Personally I cant wait til the sequel.


PS: Tell Wolfwings to talk to a girl here. I have not heard from him nor visited with him in quite some time.
Awww, you deserve to be happy after all this time!
d'awwww!!! XD

One of our Japanese exchange students made Japanese curry for us...not spicy. At. All. It was...uhm...brown curry. And SOOOO good! :D

Can't wait 'til I see you crazy people in August!!

BTW, when's the weeeedding? I wanna make sure I get those beads down there in enough time...
^_^ Im so glad you've found your happyness honney.