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Kittens +  Grenade

r.i.p. Butch

Oh god dammit.

That's a lot of dead fish.

I do feel incredibly guilty, but I did see this coming. So I am not as upset as I would be if this was a complete surprise.

... I still have the snail and Comet and the algae eater though...

... Dammit. Butch was the star of the tank! Without him, it's just a normal goldfish tank!

Well, I am happy that otana got to see him. His sheer size and the magnificence of his presence can not be believed unless in person. Um, make that past tense...

All shall mourn his passing, for his eyes were the size of grapes.



Im sorry Manawolf. Its just a lot of craziness at once. Im sure Tess will understand. :(

Poor Butch. :(

I am going to be picking up a rather nice-looking puffer in a bit--here's to hoping the black convicts and oscar don't eat him.
Some puffers are mean little bastards. He may do just fine. :)

Wow, the people on your f-list who share hobbies completely out of the blue... had no idea you kept fish :)
Heh! I adore my fishies--and find the whole thing very relaxing. I think my wife thinks I'm a bit nuts for finding filter maintenance to be so relaxing, but I really do.

And the oscar is a sweetie--she loves to be scratched on the head.