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Damn fish

I'd noticed Butch had not been eating properly for a while... he seemed to get better, perked up a bit... then was lethargic again... aaaaand now he just scared the crap out of me by floating belly-up. But, he IS alive, just very unhappy looking. I righted him, and he held it for a while, but then went back to normal.

The fish book says it's a swim bladder problem (related to diet), so I should change what he's eating... live or frozen foods.

Hoo boy. I hope he makes it through... he's a REALLY cool fish and I'd feel horrendously guilty towards tesstheredpony if he died.

EDIT: He's right side up YAY!!!!


Stout-bodied goldfish often have this problem, believe you me! The compaction of the body makes for swim bladder problems and hot temperatures only make it worse. Plus swallowing air from eating at the surface

Goku fishie did that last year...remember? I rushed him to the petstore *blush* But he turned out all right in the end. GO BUTCH!!!
I happened across this while randomly surfing. I have six bettas (two males and a four female community) and I can tell you a sure fire way to avoid swim bladder problems.

Get a bag of frozen peas and chop one into little bits. Then get the fish to eat them. It's fish metamucil :)

In the case of Butch...

...the peas likely wouldn't need to be more than cut in half, if even that.

Butch is a goldfish that is larger than a softball, closer to the size of a small nerf football. :-)