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Kittens +  Grenade

Very tired, making this real quick because I am not cohesive, but this is important anyway

Otana's OK. OK? OK.


Otana? Where is she?

Is she still in the UK or is she in transit?


Re: Otana? Where is she?

Still here ... stressed and tired, and making final preparations. I'll be in the air this time tomorrow. :)

Re: Otana? Where is she?

Could you please post an address when you get there? I undoubtedly have something around here that I kept forgetting to mail to you.

(once again, glad to hear you are safe.)

Re: Otana? Where is she?

Im glad you are safe. US wont be any safer but at least you will be with good peeps like Mana.


thanks for posting that, sweetie. It was almost the first thing I heard this morning and thought immediately of Otana. I'm glad to hear she wasn't involved.

Hugs to you both. In countdown mode: 32 hours and counting....

countdown continues

T minus 11 hours and counting . . .
Thanks for letting us know!

I have been WORRIED!
when I heard what happened at work (because I hadn't turned on the television this morning), I immediately thought of her. I am glad to know that she wasn't hurt. I am saddened by the loves that were lost though.. *bows head*
When I heard my first thoughts were to you two. I'm glad everyone is ok and you are going to soon be reunited ^_^ .