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Kittens +  Grenade




A massive explosion will rock LAX.

It will not be terrorists. It will not be an earthquake. It will be composed of incoherent squealing and hugs. And perhaps indecent kisses.

All bystanders are advised to bring earplugs and insulin.
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Tsk, I wish I could be there to see that. ;)
*cough* It IS LAX, right? *remembers X-Mas airport troubles*
Yes, it is. It's actually cheaper to fly into LAX than Long Beach or anywhere else.

I'll call tonight for a few.
I know I would love to be there to take pictures!


You really should drag someone along as a photographer, even if they are armed only with a disposable point/n/shoot camera. Those pics will be a treasure in years to come.

Mom, who's been there and didn't get shots and wishes she had.

Re: photos

Hmmmmmmmm.... now that's a good idea...

Traffic allowing...

...me and my mom will both be there, and work can blow themselves if they care if I'm *censored* late. =^.^=

Re: Traffic allowing...

Yo! I was gonna call you and ask if you could come to snap photographs. Hooray!

Re: Traffic allowing...

Done. You now have two photographers, me and my mom both. =^.^=