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I filled out a "Did you feel it?" questionnaire - I always do - but I got to it before there was an event assigned, so my report isn't showing up on the event log yet. :P

This building is FUN for earthquakes. It's on rollers.

EDIT: 'cause the site can be slow to load, especially with everyone pinging it...

3 miles NE of Yucaipa, CA
(ID 14155260) JUN 16 2005 13:53:25 PDT 5.3


Oh that must of been fun

Heh. I can say that Im amused at the newscast because they talk on and on about hwo they felt and all that. I think I been living here too long cuz it doesnt phase me. Im still working on art like I am supposed to.


PS: Do you have a way to transfer the lj membership back to me??


Re: Oh that must of been fun

Actually, I might end up needing it... I haven't actually *paid* for a permanent account yet, and I'm not certain I can spare the money now. Car insurance crept up on me, and I might need all I can spare for that... Still thinking it over... Sorry to keep you in limbo #u_u#

Re: Oh that must of been fun

Naw no trouble.

I was a bit surprised when you mentinoed you were opting for the permanent. Its still up to you :)


Pleaswe tell me I will see you at the furbque
*grins* My dad went out to visit my sis, gave Mom a call to let her know he felt the earthquake. 4.9, right?
What got more news coverage locally there that day, the earthquake or Michael Jackson?
I do not watch the news, so thankfully, I have no idea. :D