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Saiyajin Female


This site (linked to from baaaaabyanimals) is giving me some serious corn snake envy. I like snakes. I have problems with feeding mammals to snakes, though - because I like mice and rats, too!

But, from what I have been told, corn snakes can get along just fine on fish. And fish, while I own them and have affection for them, just don't give me the same sense of skin-crawling betrayal I get when seeing a pet snake eat a mammal. (I saw a friend's snake eat a mouse once, it really bothered me.) I mean, you feed FISH to fish a lot of the time. So, snakes that eat fish? PERFECT.

It's entirely possible that I have been told wrong, and corn snakes do need to eat live mice for nutritional needs or something, but I treasure the illusion while I have it that some day I could own one of those incredibly Pretty snakes. They deserve that Pretty, capital P. Preeeetty.


I asked a friend who breeds corn snakes, and she said dead mice are good, and also, they like to always eat the same thing, and if you start them on crickets, they'll eat that too, but they won't get as big and need to be fed often. and you have to deal with keeping crickets around. She's not heard of fish before, but if you start them on it as babies, it should work :}