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Kittens +  Grenade


I want a permanent account!  Oh I so want a permanent account!

But, this being the first half of the month, the funds, they do not exist.  Why couldn't they do this AFTER the 15th??


EDIT: Hold on... maybe I can pay by check... yeeeeeah... and just make sure it won't get there or get cashed 'till I get paid... hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Nuuu!! *scrabbles at the screen* I don't have the funds either... ;_;
Oh that's such a generous offer!

I can go ahead and send you a check, so long as you promise promise promise not to cash it before the 15th...
I dunno...I think $150.00 bucks for a permanant account is a bit much. I thought about it myself, then decided I'd rather spend that on my dollfie fund. >.< Doesn't mean I wouldn't want one, it means that I'm not willing to fork over that much money all at once for one.

Yeah, but looking at the cumulative expense of an LJ account over time, that's like... paying for 7 years or something? Sure, I MAY lose interest in LJ and take off before that time is up and it will end up having been a wasteful expenditure... and I could go all fundie Christian too while I'm at it. ;P

That's my thought anyhow.
I can think of a lot of things to do with $150. ;-)
Rather high-quality dildo, yes?
Now we're talking. ^_^